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Pink and white wavy oval tray

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The pink and white trinket tray features a wave effect that adds a touch of charm and softness to any space. This beautiful trinket dish can be used as a coaster for your drinks or as an organizer for jewelry, keys, glasses, and other small items. You can also put candles on it as it's safe and non-flammable.

Measurements: 9,5 x 18 x 1,5 cm



Acrylic resin. It is non-toxic, solvent, and VOC-free. This material is strong, lightweight, heat resistant, soft to the touch.

Care instructions

Each item is sealed with a natural sealer that makes it water-resistant and prevents it from damages. If the item comes in contact with water, gently wipe it with a damp cloth to avoid spots/marks. Do not immerse it in water. It is recommended to wipe strong stains such as coffee and wine as soon as possible. Our items are not dishwasher, microwave, food safe.

Please note

All of our items are handmade from start to finish which makes each item unique. You should expect some small irregularities and air bubbles. Also, the colors and patterns may vary slightly from the pictures. These are not considered defects unless they affect the functioning of the product.